Sunday, September 5, 2010

5 Fall Favorites

I am joining in a party with Living & Loving in California, where she asked us to post about 5 of our favorite fall things.  Five, only five?!  This challenge could be difficult for me, considering how much I love fall and every aspect about the season; but I will do my best to  describe only five favorites.

1) the crisp air - anyone who has ever met me knows that I prefer the cool autumn air over the hot summer air.  It's not quite cold enough to snow, or if you live in Missouri - it's not cold enough to pour ice on everything, but it's enough that a jacket, scarf, jeans, and boots are the norm.  Nothing is more comfortable then putting a cardigan on top of every outfit.  (I do own quite a collection of cardigans!)

Found here.
2) the leaves - the trees during the fall are beautiful, breathtaking if you will.  The beginning of fall is amazing, you can always tell when fall is coming because the trees are the first to know.  I grew up on 5 acres, which was covered with a lot trees.  I mean a. lot. of. trees.  I remember not being able to see the ground for all the leaves that had fallen, which brings in another great thing about the fall - burning leaves.  This was always something that my family did on the weekends.  My sister, the folks, and I would haul ourselves outside to rake leaves into piles and then burn them.  Have you ever smelled the smell of burning leaves?  Most probably are not obsessed with it like I am, but it just brings make so many memories of the family outside together.  Don't get me wrong, At that time I didn't really enjoy raking and picking up sticks most of the weekends during the fall but now that I don't do it anymore... I miss it.  (Imagine that!  Missing something once you don't do it any longer - so frustrating!)

3) Thanksgiving and being with the whole family - Every Thanksgiving the entire family would head over to my grandparents' house for the big dinner.  It took me until I was 18 to no longer have to sit at the kid table.  My family finally took pity on me and made room at the adult table.  If your family is anything like mine there is always a kid table and an adult table; the kids always dream of the day that they will finally get a seat at that big table in the dining room.  Also, it's a favorite because it's rare when I get to see the whole family together for a long period of time.  We start the day off by having an early dinner then end with looking at advertisements for Black Friday debating about what we all need or would like for Christmas.  We end the day with fighting over my Grandma's famous no-bake cookies.  She just never seems to make enough, but I think that's just because we can never get enough of them.

4) Pumpkins - Decorating or carving pumpkins is a must.  I've already picked out a couple of ideas that I will be doing for the pumpkins at my place.  I will be having some as table decorations and some that will sit outside my front door.  Pumpkins just scream "it's fall, it's finally here!" 
Found here.

5) Fall Festivals - Springfield always holds a couple festivals during the fall months.  Two of my favorites are Cider Days and Pets & Pumpkins.  Cider Days hosts local artists from the area and food for people to walk around and taste; and of course it has real apple cider (yum!).  The Pets & Pumpkins is for kids, pets, and the pets' owners.  The organizers block off a portion of the street and have doggie venues for selling treats, play areas, and a costume parade.  All proceeds from P&P go to local animal shelters.  I've already started thinking of Maggie's costume and cannot wait for this event.


  1. That is awesome! Thank you so much for participating, I'll be putting the McLinky Tool up on September 22nd so make sure you link up when it goes up so everyone who is paticipating can come and visit you.

    I agree, it is very hard to only choose 5! I have to admit it was very hard for me too. I love when the leaves change and family, oh and the festivals. I will be posting my Fall Favorite #2 later today, I hope you stop by to see what will be going in the basket for this one!

    Thanks! xoxo

  2. Meredith,

    When I was a young girl, you were able to burn leaves in the city. I remember the smell. The city official eventually stopped allowing leaf burning.

    Then home owners used to rake all their leaves to the curb where a street crew would come and suck them up with a huge hose. We kids would romp in these leaves, which in retrospect wasn't very safe with cars coming and going.

    I love fall in Ohio, too. Enjoy the splendor because winter can't be far behind. La

  3. I didn't mention pumpkins! And this year I seem to love them more than ever! Festivals are sooo much fun too!

  4. That was great- I know I read it when you first posted it, but it was like reading it for the first time again today! I just found out there is a fall festival in my area in October and I'm super excited about it. Thanks again for participating and all the comments!

  5. great list, what a lovely picture of that tree! I love everything about the season too.

  6. I forgot about burning leaves when we were young. I don't think that happens much anymore. We mulch ours in our mulcher and cover the flower beds with them. I love pumpkins too but they are slow here in the Pacific Northwest because of the lack of sunshine. Hopefully we will see pumpkins a plenty soon. I enjoyed reading your fall favorites

  7. Love the leaves picture! Springfield is great in the fall! We head down (from KC) every fall to take in the colors and views!

  8. Hello Meredith! Funny we use to live in a town called New Hampshire. We went there after my Dad retired from the Army and it was quite a shock to our systems with all the cold weather...brrrr That's why I used this fun party to get myself in the mood for Fall. I do remember the fairs and festivals when we were younger but I haven't been to one in years so maybe this will be a new adventure for me and DH to try this year. I do love all the fruit pies and good food as well as wearing sweaters. We have had such a HOT summer this year as well...and it's still happening so I am so ready for Fall and some cool evenings and walks in the woods. Hope you have a wonderful autumn, fondly, Roberta